Gluteal Tendinopathy

Greater trochanteric pain is a common condition involving the hip.

Tony Miller, M.Ost

How can Tony help?

1. Historic load to the hip, searching for patterns of sudden relative increase
2. Local testing of the hip and global biomechanics for possible factors which may contribute to the symptoms

Rule out other causes of pain e.g. hip osteoarthritis, nerve root compression or referred pain from the lumbar spine

1. Load management
2. Modification of daily movement habits e.g. sleeping on the non painful side with a thick pillow between the knees
3. Exercise therapy to stimulate the tissues without causing irritation
4. Low level laser therapy

1. Load management: modification of daily movement habits (sitting, sleeping and standing postures)
2. Exercise: allow for adequate stimulation and recovery of greater trochanteric tissues
3. Teach: an understanding of how much and how frequently to perform exercise e.g. when to back off and when to push