What to Expect

When you first arrive at the office, you will be greeted by Lana or Sherry. Hopefully you have completed your intake form online; otherwise a paper version will be completed upon arrival. In either case, your personal health information is strictly confidential. In the case of a visit to the chiropractor, you will be given an opportunity to read a consent form, which you’ll be given an opportunity to discuss with your chiropractor prior to signing. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, there will be additional insurance forms to complete. We do not treat Workers’ Compensation injuries.

We value a thorough history and examination, as proper diagnosis is critical to successful treatment. You may receive a treatment the same day if time allows. We schedule 50 minutes for a new patient visit to ensure your unique needs are met.

Depending on the case, the following treatments may be recommended, either alone or in combination:

  • Spinal manipulation (manual, drop-table, or instrument-assisted techniques)
  • Mobilization
  • Soft tissue therapies (Active Release Techniques, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • Corrective exercise
  • Pain education
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Kinesio taping

Occasionally, we find it necessary to send you for x-rays or additional diagnostic tests; x-rays are not done in the office, and are generally not necessary or advisable to begin care. It is very rare that an initial treatment trial period of more than 4-6 visits is recommended. Upon concluding the trial period of care, we will reassess and determine whether discharge, additional treatment, change in treatment, or referral is necessary.

We value your time, as we hope you’ll value ours. Therefore, we make great efforts to ensure you are seen as near to your appointment time as possible. This, however, makes walk-in visits very difficult to accommodate, so in order to maintain the highest standard of care we ask that you call ahead. We hate to see anyone in pain, so we will do our very best to squeeze in those “emergency cases;” Lana and Sherry are very good at filling cancellations to get you in sooner.

One of our goals is to empower people to maintain and prevent recurrence through a good understanding pain mechanisms and the role of movement and exercise. If chronic pain is an issue for you, this e-book by Greg Lehman is a must-read.

Chiropractic fees are well below the recommended schedule suggested by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors. A new patient visit for an adult is $80 (Sept 2017) and follow-up treatments are $40. Additional services such as laser therapy, Active Release Techniques, or corrective exercise are offered for additional fees of $20/$10/$10 respectively.

Osteopathic manual therapy fees will be $90 / extended session or an initial assessment, and $60 / continuation treatment.

Kim’s massage rates are $75/hour and $40 per half hour. Paulina’s rates are HERE.

Please contact us at 780-672-8559 if you have any more questions or would like to book an appointment.