the b. class ®

As a ‘unique Brand’, The b. class® is an inspiring women’s ‘fitness program’ designed to let the heart and soul speak through. It combines athletic movement with powerful music creating a connection.


Liberate your soul, ignite your spark and “b.” 

We support women of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to feel strong and empowered to live their most authentic life. Each class experience you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered.

Sabrina Heydorn
Laura Smiley


As a certified b. leader since June 2020, and Girl be YOU leader since October 2020, Sabrina is excited to help women and female youth along their journey of healing and growth through music and movement. With a background in education, teaching, and musical theatre, she embodies the music and the words to encourage fun, high energy classes. Since Sabrina’s first b. class, she has been changed. The b. class® has shown her that the journey to self-healing takes time and dedication, and she is ecstatic to be able to share this experience with other women in this empowering class. 


When she’s not rocking out in the studio, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, travelling, snowboarding in the winter, and running in the summer. She is always open to new challenges, and loves trying out new adventures. 


After attending her first the b. class® in June of 2021 Laura has felt the movement build her confidence, strength and self-love. Joining the leader team in January of 2023 Laura loves sharing the brand with more women and has fully embraced its healing abilities.

When Laura isn’t leading or attending Sabrina’s class she loves to visit classes in other communities. She also enjoys filling her ‘joy’ cup with her many activities including aerial hoop, cycling, walking, paddle boarding, hiking, cross country skiing, etc. If there’s an activity she hasn’t tried she is always up for a trial run! Laura has four amazing nephews that she loves taking every opportunity to spend all her left over time with.