Newbies FAQ


I’ll be straight with you, it’s not unusual to be nervous about attending your first Yoga class. Are you worried that you might not be flexible enough or that you may look silly, simply because you don’t know a thing about yoga? That’s ok! All I can say to this is don’t worry and don’t put off trying it, everyone was once new to yoga and couldn’t touch their toes either!
Here’s the good news. I am dedicated 100% to help and assist you. I want you to not only feel comfortable but to feel that it is a place you can call home.
Please contact me if you have any questions. The hardest part is getting there……..Let me take care of the rest when you arrive


• You MUST book online, This will guarantee a spot in class. If you sign up and don’t show up you will be charged for that class. As well, please note, Your spot will be given away 10 minutes prior to class starting.
• It’s best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to confirm your space and register and allow yourself time to get ready for class.
• Class starts on time, and the door will often be locked as soon as the class starts.
• Wear appropriate clothing; yoga pants, shorts or leggings. All clothing should be very comfortable, light weight and allow the body to breathe.
• Come hydrated, remember to drink plenty of water before and after class.
• Do not eat 2 to 3 hours before class. Yoga should not be practiced on a full stomach. It is fine to have a small snack before class.
• Bring a yoga mat and towel (Yogitoe if you like as well for the HOT or Warm Classes!).
• Please turn off your cell phone when you enter the studio OR even better, don’t bring it in.


Depending on what class you are attending, sometimes the room is HOT, WARM and sometimes just REGULAR room temp. Be sure to pay attention to the class you are registering for.

All our classes give you the amazing healing benefits of our Far-Infrared Therapy. If t’s a warm or hot class, we like to turn up the heat and add some humidity. Infrared heat is the safest and most effective form of heating the body. Infrared heats objects, not the air, thus making it comfortable to practice yoga as well as increasing circulation and helping the body’s natural processes kick in to eliminate waste and build up of lactic acid and environmental toxins. Radiant heat is healthy heat. Think of standing outside on a warm sunny day – remove the light from the sun and keep the heat. This is infrared heat. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

HOT / WARM CLASSES: In the HOT classes, these will get your heart pumping and get you sweating. Don’t worry; everyone will be sweating just as much as you are. We promise. If you are new to yoga, or just haven’t had a chance to get to class in a while, you may experience some dizziness or nausea but these symptoms will pass- this is your body starting to release toxins from within. Always pace yourself and take a resting pose whenever you need, especially if these symptoms occur or if you are feeling lightheaded. Always listen to to your body, it always knows what is best for you in that moment.

REGULAR ROOM TEMP: If it’s a regular class, not heat addition, don’t worry – it won’t be intimidating – you will do great!!! And you will still get the amazing benefits of our Infrared Technology because the moment you enter the last pose of class, Savasana – we turn them on for you to reap all the amazing benefits.


Everyone! We have yoga classes for everyone and to achieve any goal. Cross training for your upcoming marathon? Working on a strength, stability, mobility for your specific sport. Looking to understand your body a deeper level? We’ve got you covered. Recovering from an injury?

Athlete Specific? Contact us about JOGA.

Looking for more relaxation? Come join us for a Restorative Yin class.

Want to get your cardio fix for the day? Try a Power Flo class!

Whatever you do, or whatever leads you to us, come and join the family; we can’t wait to meet you. You can check out all the different style of classes here!


This practice was invented to allow you to connect with your body and where it is. There are no prerequisites to start your practice. You do what is available to you, whether you can’t touch your toes or are tight from sitting at your desk all week. With regular practice, you will see and feel amazing results!


You will want to wear something that you feel comfortable moving and if you are attending a Hot Class, something you are comfortable sweating in. Pretty much what you would wear to workout… but set your toes free and leave your socks and shoes at the door! You will need to bring a yoga mat, and a bottle of water. If you don’t have these, we can hook you up with some sweet yoga swag to buy or to rent!

Bring towels: So you probably know you’ll need a yoga mat for yoga class, but in hot classes you will sweat so much that doing the postures will be nearly impossible without a towel laid over your mat. If you’re going to do the practice regularly, it’s recommended you invest in a special yoga towel that is the size and shape of a mat and has one grippy side that will keep it in place.

For your first class, you can probably get away with laying a beach towel over your mat, but make sure you don’t skip this step or your experience will likely be ruined by your own inability to perform the movements while your feet and hands slide around on a sweaty mat. Yes, you will sweat that much. Many people also like to bring hand towels to wipe themselves in quick breaks between postures.


Our doors are typically open 15 minutes before the start of class if you want to get THAT spot in the room or you just want to chat and catch up with us! We do recommend reserving your spot in class online before coming in, although it is not mandatory. If it’s your first class, come on in about 20 minutes before class starts, if not, 15 minutes before the first down dog is ample time to get yourself set up.


We don’t recommend it. You wouldn’t eat a full meal and jump in the pool or pound out a 10km run. It’s for the same reasons in yoga, but a light snack before class like a piece of fruit or a granola bar may be just what you need for that extra little kick of energy.


Before you come to class, you should drink up the good stuff (water, water, water!) Coming to yoga well hydrated will be the most beneficial for you. During class, take small sips of water whenever you body tells you you need it.

If you are doing a HOT or WARM class, hydrate a lot before and after. Keep in mind, when you sweat, you loose minerals and salts that need to be replenished. Cramping is a sign of low potassium and headaches are quite often a sign of dehydration. Our drink of choice post-savasana, or after class, is a coconut water which naturally replenishes your salts and sugars, but Vitamin Water and Gatorade are awesome too… oh and did we say water?!


Yes, the minimum age is 14 years old and we will require a written consent from a parent or guardian for yogis under the age of 18. We do however offer young athlete and teen workshops, so keep your eyes peeled to the e to see these upcoming classes.

If you have a child wishing to participate in the HOT or WARM classes, please understand that a child’s sweat glands are not fully developed until around 12-14years old, that is why there is a min. age requirement for the warmer classes – there bodies just aren’t able to properly respond to the heat. Any questions, just give us a call.


As with any exercise program, there are two general rules of thumb: check with your physician and listen to your body to prevent injury, overwork and overheating. That being said, yoga has proven to have tremendous health benefits, as long as you are safe and modify to accommodate for any issues.

As far as pregnancy goes, it’s not usually a good idea to start a yoga practice if you have never stepped foot in a studio before. If you have a dedicated practice before becoming pregnant, consult a doctor if you are interested in continuing. For health conditions or injuries, if it’s OK’ed by your physician, please let your instructor know prior to class so that they can offer you modifications as you go.


Our classes are open to all levels and we welcome you to join our beautiful community of practitioners. We encourage you to pace yourself and have fun, and will always support you on your health goals and help you to plow through them! We will help facilitate the shift that needs to happen in your body to bring it back to it’s most natural and happy state.

Listen to your body: It may seem contradictory when yoga instructors are simultaneously pushing the class to go further while also encouraging the class to lay down in child’s pose or savasana if need be. What’s important to understand is the yoga concept of finding your edge. Your edge is the place where you are working your hardest, but not pushing yourself too hard; a place of ideal balance. If you feel like you want to get out of chair pose because your legs are burning, then you probably haven’t reached your edge and can stick with the pose a bit longer. If you feel dizzy or sick or like something is hurting in a bad way, not a building-muscle way, then ease off.

As a first-timer, you’re going to be engaging muscles that don’t get worked in other forms of exercise and so you will probably have to take more breaks than the people around you who may have been doing it for years. Be kind to yourself and lay down on the mat when you need to. One big philosophy of hot yoga is that it’s a victory as long as you manage to stay in the room through the entire class. So don’t go bolting for the door as soon as things get hard. Just lay down on the mat and breathe through the heat. Especially in HOT classes, it’s reasonable to spend a decent portion of your first class laying on the floor.