The same incredible mind, body and soul experience as “The b. class” with an emphasis on low-impact songs and modifications to class favourites. Intro to The b. class is great for anyone just getting started, looking for new ways to move their body, get active […]

Intro to The b. class®

Sir-Mix-A-Lot says it best. Baby got back. Strong, well-developed glutes are more than just a desirable aesthetic; they play a crucial role in our overall physical performance and lower body strength. The gluteal muscles consist of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, which […]

Booty Building Basics : Learning About Glutes

–by Roxanne Claude, CPT (source article HERE) I keep it no secret from my clients : I have mental health issues. It started when I became a young adult and since then, I have waved through good times, okay times and very very bad times. […]

Exercise and Depression: A Tool Kit for Mental Health

Morning Mashup is our new drop-in strength class held at Martinson Health + Athletics. This class includes elements of strength, mobility, cardiovascular work and HIIT.  Instructor: Roxanne Claude When: Tuesday + Thursdays 6:30 AM (60 mins class) Starting October 18th Cost : $20 drop in *you can […]

New Morning Drop-In Class!

Greater trochanteric pain is a common condition involving the hip. Tony Miller, M.Ost How can Tony help? Investigate:1. Historic load to the hip, searching for patterns of sudden relative increase2. Local testing of the hip and global biomechanics for possible factors which may contribute to […]

Gluteal Tendinopathy

I often see people who, in fear of making their pain worse, reduce their daily movement or stop exercising all together. This can contribute to a downward spiral of increased disability, pain and fear of movement. Tony Miller, M.Ost BUT exercise is known to have […]

Exercise and Pain

The problem does not solely lie in “load on the knee” we need load to keep the patellofemoral joint healthy. Problems occur when there is too much force, applied too frequently without adequate rest for the tissues to recover and adapt.  Tony Miller, M.Ost How […]

Patellofemoral Pain


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