Introducing Gauge Yoga

I’m thrilled to officially announce the arrival of Gauge Yoga to our new space in May! I met Bridgette Ponto only recently. I’d sent her an email before Christmas having heard some great things about her, and thought at the very least this was a person I should meet up with. I hadn’t done very well in recent years in building relationships with group fitness instructors, and I set out with intention to start doing that.

We finally connected early in the new year in her studio in the Kodiak’s training facility behind Royal LePage. I could tell immediately that she was both well educated and passionate, yet also really engaging. She reminded me of a candle that was just searching for a fuse to light. We shared the same frustrations about being siloed in our professions without being part of a bigger team all working towards the same end. Then I told her about the lease I was about to sign; she shared that by chance she’d driven by that building the same morning and thought it would be the perfect location for a big fitness studio and/or clinic. I guess it was meant to happen!

Bridgette brings experience, passion, and contagious energy to JOGA, Yoga, and craniosacral therapy. She’s worked with people of all ages and abilities, including professional sports teams in the NBA, NHL, and CFL, so chances are there is a class for you.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Bridgette and her husband Mat in the planning stages and they’ve been very helpful both in the ‘visioning’ and the practical details. I think the future looks really bright for this relationship.

And do you like hot Yoga? Well, stay tuned for another studio announcement soon…