Paulina’s hoops and dreams

I met with Paulina Klevgaard yesterday to go over some details and sign her contracts. I’m pleased to announce that she will be joining Martinson Health May 1 in our new location.

Talk about a great free-agent signing! Paulina has earned the reputation in Camrose over the past several years as a terrific massage therapist with versatile techniques, but many of you won’t know about this amazing talent she’s going to bring into our space:

We have a few details to sort out over the coming weeks about the rigging, but it’s safe to say we’re going to have aerial hoop classes this spring!!

In March, Paulina is traveling to Vancouver for training in Functional Range Conditioning. This is the gold standard in science-based mobility and she’ll join Tony and Davin who have this training. With the addition of FRC to her toolbelt, she’ll be able to take a range of motion issue from the treatment table onto the floor with 1-on-1 mobility sessions.

As a massage therapist, this puts her in a great position to be our mobility “specialist;” as an aerials instructor, she can then provide a unique and fun way to gain control over newly acquired mobility.