Update: Friday at 1:44 pm


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to press “pause” on our operations. The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractic has taken the position that clinics should close their doors immediately, with very few exceptions in emergency cases.

It is our opinion that a controlled pause in our operations is the best way forward. Despite our best efforts to screen, distance, reduce volume and sanitize, we don’t feel like it is enough to “flatten the curve.” At the very least, we need to wait a few days for the rate of infection to become apparent and as of this moment, it is too early to tell how effective Alberta’s response has been.

At this time we will be cancelling the existing bookings for March 23-27, and you can expect to be contacted the weekend.

We care deeply about our patients and certain conditions may require timely access to care. For this reason, if you need to reach a chiropractor, please email us at with a call-back number and a description of your concern. These emails will be checked and returned in a timely manner, whereas phone messages to the office will not be heard regularly.

Any “emergency cases” will be coordinated directly by myself (Davin). If you should prefer a distance consult, telehealth conferencing will be available.

In the meantime, please check the government website for updates and call 8-1-1 if your condition requires. We have had multiple patients calling for appointments and in our screening process discovered they had traveled from out of country within the past two weeks. We have also had people arriving for appointments and discovered that family members have “the flu.” We implore everyone to take responsibility for their own actions, so that Alberta can curb this in a way that other countries and jurisdictions have not.

We’ve all needed an excuse to pause our busy lives and just *breathe.* This is what we’ll be doing for the coming period, no matter how long it lasts. Spending time with family, sleeping, eating well, and getting some exercise. Let’s take the opportunity it’s presenting and make the most of it.

Best wishes to all,

Martinson Health