Gauge Yoga Booking & Class Info

To our amazing Yoga/JOGA clients: we appreciate your patience and feedback as we bring Gauge Yoga into the central clinic management software called JANE. Creating an integrated multidisciplinary endeavour like Martinson Health & Athletics is not without its challenges, but the efforts will pay off. We have been using this software for a couple years and there’s a reason this Vancouver company is taking over as the first choice for clinics all over Canada and the world… it’s powerful, responsive, reliable, secure, and the support is excellent.

Here’s the deal. For a general overview of our class offerings and schedule, along with updates, our main website is the hub you want to go to.

Right now, the most reliable way to sign up for a class will be to call our main line at 780-672-8559.

It is possible to book online, but we are trying to streamline the process. From the website, you can redirect into the actual booking system called JANE. The following video goes over the booking process. If you know the class you want, you can jump right into your account in JANE and bypass the main website in the future. And as always, feel free to call our main office number if you want our receptionist to book you into a certain class and are experiencing technical difficulties with the booking process.

When you arrive for a class in person, please proceed through the Athletics Door, remove your shoes, hand sanitize, and read the COVID-19 screen and sign the register to attest “no” to the symptom screen. There is a QR code posted, so by scanning it with your smartphone you should be able to check yourself in for the class. If you’re a bit early, feel free to linger in the waiting area as others arrive, or if it’s within 10 minutes of the start time you can proceed back to the studio.

Right now, we recommend putting your bags along the inside back wall of the studio. Coming prepared with a mat, water bottle and a towel, you can use the kitchenette sink to refill your bottle if needed (the water is filtered). Washrooms are down the hallway at the end. Place the front of your mat on one of the white floor stickers which keeps our spacing in compliance with infection control protocols.

We look forward to seeing you in person as we start a new chapter together in movement and health!