Enter: Paul and Sarah

I first met Paul and Sarah Kjos when they were students at the University of Western States (Portland); during their chiropractic internship they came to observe Dr. Amanda and I here in Camrose.

Paul is from Camrose and Sarah from Oregon. After graduation, they chose to work abroad while playing volleyball in the north of England, in Newcastle Upon Tyne & Durham. It was at this time I got a message from Paul, expressing their interest in returning to Camrose to work together.

This happened during a very interesting time when I was also consulting with Tony Miller, our osteopathic therapist, about moving to Camrose from London. A last-minute business trip to England was in order, back in January of 2019. I flew to London and met with Tony to firm up details over Mexican street food at Camden Market, took a quick night-time stroll around St. Paul’s, and prepared for a morning train to Liverpool.

While in Liverpool, I took the Functional Range Conditioning course (Spina et al). It was cold but I really enjoyed the city and the training was fantastic. Very pracical science-based mobility from a training perspective which, layered upon my Active Release and Functional Range Release background, synthesized a lot for me.

After the second day of the course I took the night train up north. With a free day to decompress from the course and the travel, I toured Edinburgh before returning to Newcastle.

I met Paul and Sarah in my hotel dining area after breakfast. There was plenty to discuss with respect to bringing in two more associates to the practice, the least of which was if they committed, it meant my little clinic on 51 Street would not suffice! It is very important to me that, like Dr. Amanda, anyone who represents Martinson Health does so with the same work ethic, integrity, and evidence-based philosophy. I know Dr’s Sarah and Paul are those people.

Chiropractic has evolved, like most professions, over the years. The days of detecting “misalignments” and correcting them with spinal adjustments are over. The standard of care now involves proper history, assessment, and varied interventions tailored to a diagnosis. We must reconcile biomechanic factors with biopsychosocial considerations. And the learning just continues.

I’ve struggled in recent years trying to find the time to properly apply the evidence and deliver the quality of care that I know we can achieve, given the demand we are blessed with. Since the pandemic shut-down, I’ve been unable to take any new patients due to the demand of existing clients despite working longer hours. Dr. Amanda has had a long wait list. It’s been a struggle, and I apologize to all the people we’ve had to turn away when our schedules could not accommodate them in a timely manner.

Thankfully, with Tony and now Paul and Sarah soon joining Dr. Amanda and I, we can fully reopen our doors to Camrose and area. We can offer the latest in evidence-based manual therapy and rehabilitation in our new facility that is all about integrating clinical services with fitness and health in a fresh, team-oriented way.

I will send out more updates when the Kjos’ schedules are live for booking, along with some profiles on their specific areas of focus and interest. In the meantime, here are a few scenes from their journey to Camrose from Oregon!

Fun fact: My lineage also traces to the Newcastle area. This is the home of my 4th great grandfather! Blaydon cemetery features some dead Martinsons next to Shibdon Road and the old farm.