Get mobile with Paulina

Mobility. It prepares us for sport and for life. But what happens when we lose it?

Gaining mobility is training. Not stretching.

  • We train adaptation in the joint/soft tissue structures through a language your body’s cells understand: force.
  • We train the nervous system to access expanded ranges by reinforcing that they are safe and purposeful. We do this through managing load at our end-ranges over time.

Mobility sessions are an essential part of your training/wellness routine whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or someone struggling with work-related pain and discomfort.

Primer on passive vs. active range of motion. It’s about control!

Who is Paulina?

Combining nearly 9 years of manual therapy experience as an Registered Massage Therapist with the science-based principles of Functional Range Conditioning, Paulina is able to teach how to properly access your body’s mobility potential, reduce pain, and develop strength and control for all life brings.

Mobility has never come easily to her; she’s not your prototypical flexible aerialist or gymnast. Paulina’s had to put in years of hard work, so she has (or is) working through all the struggles you might experience. In addition to her RMT and FRCms credentials, she holds CPFA certifications and has years of aerial sports training.

Re-define your expectations!

Many people think about a massage as a passive therapy. In reality, the scope of massage therapy techniques can extend beyond the treatment room and onto the exercise floor to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment physical function or relieve pain (FOMTRAC 2016).


30 minute$55 + GST
45 minute$65 + GST
60 minute$80 + GST

In many cases, the cost of these sessions may be covered by your health benefits or spending account.

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