Patellofemoral Pain

The problem does not solely lie in “load on the knee” we need load to keep the patellofemoral joint healthy. Problems occur when there is too much force, applied too frequently without adequate rest for the tissues to recover and adapt. 

Tony Miller, M.Ost

How Can I Help? ?


Historic load to the knee, searching for patterns of sudden relative increase.
Local testing of the knee and global biomechanics for possible factors which may contribute to the symptoms.


Rule out other causes of pain. For example: fat pad pain, patella tendon pain or referred pain from the hip joint. 


Treatment modalities include taping, joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, exercise therapy. 


Load management: modification of daily movement habits and exercise to allow for adequate stimulation and recovery. 

Teach an understanding of how much and how frequently to perform exercise, to understand when to back off and when to push

Exercise Rehab

Terminal Knee Extensions