Affirmation Dance

Starting Fall 2022, Shannon Subchuk from Affirmation Dance is launching her independent studio / dance company for kids of all ages and abilities. Read more about Shannon HERE.

These classes offer a variety of engagement levels, including fall sessions and full year programming. We foster creativity, expression, and fun through dance, while balancing strong technical instruction and competitive options for kids who want to pursue it. There will be a year-end performance at the Lougheed Centre with more details to come!

Our mission is to educate youth and adults of any age, ability and body type from a variety of learning backgrounds and forums in the art of dance and focuses on skill development, self-empowerment, and celebrating our differences. Growing positively and breaking the stereotypes about who can dance and what makes a dancer successful. Evolving from the benefits of what dance can do emotionally, physically and spiritually for ones health and quality of life. Welcoming beginners, youth with learning differences, toddlers to seniors. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of dance. Happiness is all inclusive.


Thank you so much, Shannon. My daughter loves your class, loves the material and the girls. I have seen a huge growth in her confidence, focus, comportment, strength and flexibility. Your teaching gives her such a boost, and she has been talking about continuing next year for several weeks. I am so grateful for your passion, your patient kindness, and your gift of dance. This song and the choreo really capture everything about this tender time of life, blossoming girlhood, coming out of hard times…. I left, longing to dance myself. Bravo!

It’s so clear that dance leadership is your passion and expertise area. It means a lot to have an alternative to a higher-pressure, glitzy and unaffordable studio model. Many of us want to let our sometimes anxious kids enjoy childhood minus toxic body culture and performance pressure. We want our kids to experience quality instruction that emphasizes process over stage product, and with an approach that avoids sexualizing children. 

-Dance mom 

Registrations are currently closed for the year. Thanks to all our dancers for joining us this season!

Please follow our social media channels for updates on pre-registration for next fall.