September 20: we will implement the “Restrictions Exemption Program” for group classes: Pilates Functional Mobility / Stretch Aerial hoop Barre / dance b. class Pre/post-natal classes 1-1 services offered by our fitness professionals and clinicians are subject to typical COVID-19 screening protocols but do not […]

Group Class / Fitness Update

Update: Friday at 1:44 pm WELP. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to press “pause” on our operations. The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractic has taken the position that clinics should close their doors immediately, with very few exceptions in emergency cases. […]


I’m thrilled to officially announce the arrival of Gauge Yoga to our new space in May! I met Bridgette Ponto only recently. I’d sent her an email before Christmas having heard some great things about her, and thought at the very least this was a […]

Introducing Gauge Yoga