A thank-you and an apology

It’s been three full weeks “back to work.” It’s been different, that’s for sure, but we have ironed out most of the kinks now. I wanted to say a huge ‘thanks’ to all our great clients for making us feel appreciated, and extending a bit of grace as we’ve changed […]

Forging Ahead

Global pandemic, we have no choice but to finish what we started. I’m not going to lie, this has been stressful. Never would I have foreseen all my revenue sources getting cut off during the biggest cash investment of my life. It’s also been challenging keeping on top of work/help […]

Hoop over the hurdle

Today we had a structural engineer come in and advise on the rigging for the aerial hoop area. Paulina looked in her element as she tested it out. We are thrilled to find out that his assessment was favourable. After getting on the hoop, I can see how this will […]

All boarded up

Once Theo Giesbrecht arrived on site, it wasn’t long before the rooms all started to take shape. He and his son kept Marty on his toes stuffing insulation ahead of the boarding. This is the second time Theo’s done drywall for me, and I’m definitely impressed with him. Nice guy […]

Framing complete!

It was amazing to see the footprint take shape as Marty got in there with his brother Darryl McPhee with Elite Holdings Inc. It was great working with people who could see our vision of the space and make it come to life. Thanks for your hard work, guys!