Tony Miller, BSc, M.Ost

Tony obtained his Masters degree from the University College of Osteopathy in the UK, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Therapy, and has attended numerous continuing education courses in the fields of exercise and manual therapy. He loves being active and has participated in a wide range of sports including rugby, martial arts, golf and more recently ultra running. He has experienced the frustration and limitations caused by injury and personally understands what is required to recover.

He is passionate about helping people recover from pain and injuries from headaches to foot pain. He thrives in the process of problem solving and creating plans to resolve stubborn cases. Tony uses his background in sports therapy to prescribe exercise and Osteopathy to provide manual therapy.

Tony’s treatments often involve a combination of manual therapy techniques (soft tissue release, joint mobilization, stretching, visceral manipulation) with a combination exercise therapy (mobility drills, core stability, strengthening exercises) and movement and lifestyle advise.

He is immigrating from England where Osteopathy is widely utilized by both the general and sporting populations for the care of neuro-musculo-skeletal pain and injuries.

Continuing Education CV:

Barral Institute –  Visceral Manipulation Abdominal 1 (2019)

Hartman’s Master Class in Manipulative Techniques Lower Body (2019) 

Spinal & Peripheral Manipulation Course (2019)

Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Medical (2018)

Functional Anatomy Seminars – Functional range assessment specialist (2018)

BackFitPro – Building the Ultimate Back; rehabilitation to performance (2018)

Functional Anatomy Seminars – Upper limb (2017)

Active Release Techniques – Upper Extremity (2016)

Functional Anatomy Seminars – Functional Range Conditioning level 1 (2015)

Gray Institute – GIFT – Fellow of Applied Functional Science (2013)

CHEK Institute  – Level 1 Programme (2012)

Cybex Institute – Comprehensive Cables Training (2012)

Cybex Institute – Olympic Weight Lifting Workshop (2012)

FMA – Level 1 Mechanics of Lifting (2012)

KTA – Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course (2010)

Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor (2010)

CHEK Institute – CHEK Golf Biomechanics (2009)

CHEK Institute – CHEK Exercise Coach (2008)