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Featured condition: Achilles Tendinopathy

One of the misconceptions I hear is that we should be "sucking in" or tightening the abdominals in a protective manner. In reality, a good stiff core involves a dance between controlled intra-abdominal pressure and a muscular brace. In this event, we see expansion of the trunk, not a collapse.

The ‘CORE’ of the Matter

In my last post I discussed how our body’s love a variety of movement and that the best posture to be in was the last one you were in. I said that our lumbar spines do not like to be in any position for prolonged periods of […]

Low Back Health: When posture becomes more important

Our body thrives on variety and frequent movement, the spine is no different.When we think about perfect posture we often imagine a beautifully upright, symmetrical position, but in musculoskeletal medicine there’s a saying; “the best posture was the last posture you were in”.What this is […]

Low Back Health Tips – Perfect Sitting Posture

When we use our bodies through movement and exercise, the cells and tissues of our musculoskeletal system (MSK) experience mechanical force; load. During the rest and recovery period our MSK system adapts to the load it has experienced. Cells and tissues change and adapt so that […]

Low Back Pain: Movement and Load

One reason is to do with the discs in your spine. While you are sleeping, compressive forces on your spine are reduced and your discs absorb water. This increases their size, making you on average 19mm taller by the morning. It also makes them slightly […]

Have you ever wondered why your spine feels stiffer in ...


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