Meet Charlene Broughton, who is passionate about helping families who are struggling with child and infant sleep issues.

Catching Fireflies

It’s been three full weeks “back to work.” It’s been different, that’s for sure, but we have ironed out most of the kinks now. I wanted to say a huge ‘thanks’ to all our great clients for making us feel appreciated, and extending a bit […]

Thank You and an Apology   Recently updated !

We are beginning a staged opening this week, but this is far from “business as usual.” What follows is some important information regarding the reopening of Martinson Health. Adding to the complications of opening amid a pandemic, we’ve moved! Please be patient with us as […]

New Beginnings

In my last post I discussed how our body’s love a variety of movement and that the best posture to be in was the last one you were in. I said that our lumbar spines do not like to be in any position for prolonged periods of […]

Low Back Health: When posture becomes more important   Recently updated !

Our body thrives on variety and frequent movement, the spine is no different.When we think about perfect posture we often imagine a beautifully upright, symmetrical position, but in musculoskeletal medicine there’s a saying; “the best posture was the last posture you were in”.What this is […]

Low Back Health Tips – Perfect Sitting Posture

When we use our bodies through movement and exercise, the cells and tissues of our musculoskeletal system (MSK) experience mechanical force; load. During the rest and recovery period our MSK system adapts to the load it has experienced. Cells and tissues change and adapt so that […]

Low Back Pain: Movement and Load   Recently updated !