We’ve been making a lot of preparations for a safe and efficient return to physical activity. One of our investments has been an air purifier for the studio from Surgically Clean Air. This unit has high level filtration, monitors, and disinfects the air using UV […]

Surgically Clean Air

As an Occupational Therapist, I can address the vast majority of the factors that impact a person's pelvic health and daily life, such as physical function, psychological factors and environmental influences, which enables a truly holistic and individual approach.

E-Motion Therapy

Combining nearly 9 years of manual therapy experience as an Registered Massage Therapist with the science-based principles of Functional Range Conditioning, Paulina is able to teach how to properly access your body’s mobility potential, reduce pain, and develop strength and control for all life brings.

Get mobile with Paulina

I first met Paul and Sarah Kjos when they were students at the University of Western States (Portland); during their chiropractic internship they came to observe Dr. Amanda and I here in Camrose. Paul is from Camrose and Sarah from Oregon. After graduation, they chose […]

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Yoga Studio
We are offering two 4-week Yoga class series beginning early August. Please call our office at 780-672-8559 or email office@martinsonhealth.com to sign up! You can also contact our coordinator Bridgette if you want more information on what class is right for you. Her information is […]

Restorative and Chair YOGA Series


We are an integrated clinic, studio, and personal training centre for people of all ages and abilities, which creates a seamless transition from evidence-based manual therapy and rehab, to fitness and performance.


We operate from a client-centred perspective by delivering high quality service with honesty and integrity, while encouraging passion, progress, and individuality in a team environment.