Mia Marcin

My name is Mia Marcin.

I’ve always been drawn to anything related to fitness. I always wanted to
be the fastest runner, the highest jumper, the one that could do the
most push-ups or lift the heaviest. I just loved the feeling of
adrenaline and satisfaction it gave me and loved that it gave me a
place in the world.

I have always been very independent and spent a lot of my time doing
things on my own. I fell in love with swimming when I was 9 for these
reasons as, although it was a team sport, I could put in 100 percent
training, effort and dedication and see the results of it without
someone holding me back.

I swam professionally throughout my schooling and spent all my free
time in the gym trying to think of what I could do extra to make it to
the top. Through this, I became very interested in how the body
worked, how to train to make me a better athlete and how I could mimic
movement in the water to the gym and vice versa. This is where I first
got interested in Personal Training, and a few years later started my
first job working the front desk of Augustana Fitness Centre.

As I continued through my swimming career, and eventually took my
Personal Training and CSEPT-CPT through NAIT, I knew I wanted more and
wanted to be able to help other athletes and individuals reach their
goals. I decided to go out on my own and start my own Personal
Training business. I knew right away what I would call my business.
When I was 12 years old, I made a very high-level swim team and
had to work extremely hard during every practice to keep up. I would
go home and jump on the treadmill or go to the gym and do an extra
workout to try and doing everything I could to be better. I wanted to
be the athlete who wanted it just a little bit more than the next
person. I knew that is what it would take to be the best. I started
looking at motivational quotes and sayings that I could print off and
put in my room and one day I am across the quote “Mind/Matter” and I
don’t know why but it was exactly what I needed to see and I wrote it
down on a piece of paper and taped it up so I could read it every day.

I decided to take the leap of faith and started Mind/Matter Personal
Training in a small space and have loved every minute of growing as a
trainer and working with numerous clients and athletes, helping them
take the steps to reach their goals. I look forward to my future as a
trainer and the future of taking my business to the next level.